CKD Packaging

CKD Packaging


Designing a CKD Packaging system for exporting three different bikes

Box design according to pallet size and weight constraints

Grouping of components according to type and size


Avoiding material to material contact

Cost saving in terms of customs duty and transportation cost

Box design made for flexible MOQ

Maximum container space utilization

Concept visualization for minimizing the problems during implementation stage and giving early stage packaging predictions

Validation of concepts using FEA simulation for design safety

Details of Container Layout Designs

Our Solution

New box designs were developed by inspecting the components physically

Utilising smaller corrugated boxes and ensuring maximum quantity per box

Preparing CAD Models of the concepts for visualization & verification

FEA Analysis of Boxes to validate and optimize strength of boxes by adding extra L channels at corner of boxes

Design for manufacturing and application of Cavity and Pigeon patterns for optimum lot size or maximum load-ability

Assembly Packaging

Assembly Packaging : Improvement In Space Utilization In a Container


To Optimize Space utilized in transporting containers for stacking of Machines & ensure Quality of Goods delivered to the end consumer over long distances

To ensure timely delivery to End Consumers

Ease of Loading and Unloading of Machines


Rs 7.77 Cr: Total Annual Logistics Cost Savings

33% Improvement in Container’s Machine Carrying Capacity

25% Reduction in Transportation Cost

Reduced Inventory of Finished Goods

Compliant with CMVR norms

Our Solutions

Design of Machine Stacking Frames inside the container

Optimize Design to increase no. of Machines transported/container

Simulation of Real Time Road Conditions to ensure the Quality of Goods transported

Design Of Energy Absorbing Structures

Design Of Energy Absorbing Structures


To design mechanical systems that are able to absorb and/or dissipate large amounts of mechanical energy

The systems should also be able to recover from large deformations


Attenuates impact in Automotive and Rail applications where lightweight, high-performance energy absorption is critical for safety.

Protects sensitive shipping contents such as nuclear materials or delicate equipment. Precise crush strength and high service temperatures facilitate use in many environments with minimal impact on the shipping weight.

Provides reliable drop protection that doesn’t require service or maintenance. Limits loads to prevent equipment failure or injury.

Our Solution

Mathematical Modelling has been developed for the double beam honey comb structure.

Force threshold values are calculated from mathematical modelling.

Force threshold increases with increase in Q ratio.

Strain at yield of material - Al 7075 = 0.177, which is more than maximum strain in individual beam elements (emax). This proves that the beam does not undergo plastic deformation, only elastic buckling occurs. Hence deformation is expected to be recoverable.

Weight Optimization Of Brake Caliper

Weight Optimization Of Brake Caliper


To optimize the geometry to reduce the weight of the caliper with the provided values

To minimize the value of maximum principal stress

To minimize the value of deflection at piston center line Benefits


NVH Compatible model

1% Weight Reduction in Brake Calliper

Our Solution

Calculate the Maximum Principal Stress in the caliper.

Calculate the deflection at the piston center line.

Determine the areas with minimum stress concentration.

Optimize the geometry with same strength.

Finalize geometry in the range of specified stress and deflection value.

Free Play Diagnostic Device

Free Play Diagnostic Device


Design and Development of A Device for measuring free play of rotating equipment


Reducing Human Judgement Error

Measuring and Monitoring Free Play

High degree of repeatability and accuracy

Reduce flutter, vibrations, fatigue, divergence, or other instabilities

Multipurpose Device, can be used in wide industry applications

Ergonomic & Light Weight - Less Fatigue to operator

Our Solution

Real Time Data display

Replace Human Judgement with accurate numerical values

Results Validated with Physical Testing

Integration of Electronics with Mechanical components for better accuracy

Adjustable Holding Jaw - Can be used for different shaft sizes

Can be installed by one person

Several types of load applicators can be used with the device

Brake Free-Play Measurement Device for 2 Wheelers

Brake Free-Play Measurement Device for 2 Wheelers


To develop brake pedal free-play measuring device for 2 wheelers

To indicate the brake pedal position with the help of the device

The device should be compact and elegant

Free play range: 2 to 5 mm

Casing to enclose and hold ECU

Provisions to fix and hold the device on the bike swing arm


Brake free-play setting time reduced by 15%


»  Faster measurements

»  Faster free play setting

»  Better quality measurements

»  User friendliness

Less dependency on human judgement to help reduce errors

Device display showing live free play value

Our Solution

Sensor circuit designing

Integrating holding jaw, display mechanism and electronic unit

Control unit circuit designing

Full functional device with operating instructions and user manual

Product operations demo to the users

Device display showing live free play value

Visible indication unit using different colour LEDs

Device installation assistance

CAE Certification of Air Tank

CAE Certification of Air Tank


Burst Test:

»  To perform static structural analysis and check failures of the reservoir tank at the welding joints

Vibration Test:

»  Plot Frequency Vs Deformation with input acceleration of 7g in the frequency range of 5-100Hz in Vertical direction (Z), Lateral direction (Y) & Linear direction (X)

Fatigue Test

»  Find weld stability by checking the weld life

Our Solution

The impact of change in parameters on the system studied accurately

Detailed FE-mesh is done at the joints to understand stress concentrations for better correlation

Geometry clean-up

Selective mesh used for accurate results

The Hand Calc of natural frequency is verified with the CAE results and the deviation from the CAE is 7%.

Maximum stress is 1450 MPa at the weld

Fatigue life of weld is 145 cycles


Certification of the product under actual working conditions

Accurate prediction of failure areas

Evaluating the natural frequencies of the product to avoid resonance and minimize the vibrations

Prediction of weld life for finding weld stability

Design of Car Door Paint Shop Fixture

Design of Car Door Paint Shop Fixture


Fixture for car door E-coating

Fixture should carry 12 doors at a time

Fixture should travel on the existing pendulum conveyor

Fixture should ensure the complete doors are fully dipped in the paint tank

Fixture can accommodate 3 variant of car doors

Fixture should sustain 165ºC for 15 mins

The door should not fall when the fixture is moved (+45° to -45°)

It should be easy to maintain

Our Solution

Design of the mechanism to hold the electrode for horizontal + vertical welding

Design of a canopy for enclosing the components to be welded

Integrate inspection mechanism with the machine

Selection of dial gauges, pneumatic clamps, rack and pinion and motor

Prototyping and testing


Inbuilt door size variation mechanism – Can accommodate different size and shape doors

Low maintenance

Less material handling

Firm clamping of the components on the fixture – Avoids falling into paint tank

Less paint deposition leads to less maintenance and frequent cleaning

Optimized weight to suit conveyor loading capacity

CAE verification for deformation