Technology Platforms and Intellectual Property (IP)

Kalyani Studio’s Sources of Strength Platforms encompass strengthening mechanisms of diverse sizes and shapes. You have to look at strengthening mechanisms holistically for a product not just localized optimization at a particular part. Physical products, vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft, machinery and equipment can fail to meet their target performance if certain aspects of strength are overlooked. Our platforms help to comprehensively address strength requirements of any product or design to make it compact, neat, simple or elegant and thereby achieve its performance targets. We have a diverse team that have their core competencies encompassing all these platforms.
Through our five High Strength Technology Platforms, we are discovering new functions and applications of strength by evolving our existing patents or cross pollinating among platforms



Reimagining the Product and Bridging Gap of Customers Need
Our design platform makes innovative use of geometry (shapes and sizes) to design parts that can endure large loads or have high efficiency in transmitting power depending on the requirements of specific applications. We develop new technologies for the Industrial, Construction, Electric Vehicle, Railway Sectors through design solutions that are Simple, Elegant, Neat and Compact.

I. Self- closing system for pipes and pipelines
This patent relates to a safety device for cutting off a flow of a state of matter in pipelines above a predetermined temperature. Can be used for large and small diameter pipeline with a self-closing feature.

II. Dual axis traversing dummy bogie apparatus for supporting an article
The designed dummy bogie can support a load of an article placed on a supporting structure of the dummy bogie apparatus enabling transportation of the article from one place to another, with movement possible in the longitudinal as well as transverse direction. This leads to increased flexibility in transportation of the article at different work stations in a manufacturing/assembly plant since it independently facilitates its movement on cross rails along different directions without the use of any other devices/mechanisms.

III. Hybrid Electrostatic Motor
In this invention, electrostatic forces powering Corona Motors and Capacitor Motors are coupled in a synchronized manner through a selective electrode configuration and electrical input, to amplify the electrostatic torque production. Further, electrode geometries for both types of motors are optimized to maximize driving torque. This invention provides an electrostatic motor that achieves torque constancy to produce high torque output.

IV. Binder-less interlocking building block
Provides interlocking bricks that includes trapezoidal/dovetails groove(s) and protrusion(s) to achieve inter-lockable block/bricks. Used for rapid construction of a layer structure or wall structure without the use of a binder. The grooves also ensure that the bricks are self-aligning, thus eliminating the need for using a skilled labor

V. Freely rotating Dummy Bogie Apparatus
This invention provides a dummy bogie apparatus that supports load of an article placed on a supporting structure of the dummy bogie apparatus. It incorporates a free rotation mechanism to allow free rotation of the dummy bogie apparatus to reduce floor space requirement. It increases flexibility in transportation of the article at different work stations in a manufacturing/assembly plant.

VI. Single Stage Lifting and Clamping Mechanism for Elevators in High Rise buildings:
This patent relates to elevators, and, more specifically, to an elevator system for transporting an elevator car to an extended height in a high-rise building using relay lifting mechanism. It provides a single elevator system for high-rise buildings would help reduce the average waiting time which is the average amount of time a passenger needs to wait for a lift. It provides an elevator system that enables a passenger to reach greater heights of a structure without a need to change elevators.



Materials & Structures

Developing the Best Combination of Materials and Structures for our Customers
This platform involves design of materials and structures to obtain structural parts that possess good mechanical properties, over a wide temperature range while minimizing the weight of material used. A key objective across our patents in this platform is to tailor the properties of materials and structures to develop structural parts that possess high strength and high toughness, properties that are usually mutually exclusive in engineering components. We also look to explore new technologies for novel materials and thus expand their application spectrum



Manufacturing Process

Accelerating Industries and Profits of the Customers We Serve
Our Manufacturing IP include novel techniques for manufacturing components with improved mechanical strength. Our manufacturing process designs are cost effective, minimize energy consumption, conform to environmental and regulatory standards and can be scaled for mass manufacturing. We also develop manufacturing processes for utilizing high-strength materials that are otherwise restricted in their use due to complex and uneconomical manufacturing processes.

I. System and Method for Low Temperature Vacuum Tight Joining of Dissimilar Metals:
This patent relates to a System and method for Vacuum tight joining a Thin Aluminium Component to a dissimilar metal component. Low temperature vacuum tight joining/ sealing of aluminium or aluminium alloys to a dissimilar metal by using a eutectic alloy solder as soldering material. A cheaper and serial manufacturing process due to use of burner and soldering i.e. low temperature process.



Surface Treatment

Altering morphology of surfaces to increase the entire Product Strength
The type, composition & quality of the surface of a component plays a major role in determining its mechanical properties. Our IP in the Surface Treatment platform helps improve mechanical strength, fracture toughness and fatigue strength of the component. This platform focusses on coating technologies; surface treatments to improve mechanical properties such as nitriding, carburizing and selective control of residual stress to improve strength




Specialized sensing of strength performance parameters
Our diagnostics patents complement our other sources of strength platforms. Our diagnostic devices are used to measure & monitor parameters that affect the performance of engineering products.

I. Free Play Diagnostic Device
This invention relates to an improved and efficient free play diagnostic device for measuring and/or monitoring the positional or rotational variation in mechanical parts. Detects/ identifies torque and the angular position, simultaneously. Displays the measured and/or monitored free play in the mechanical component based on the torque and the angular position.