We believe in long term strategic supplier relationship which is a key in bringing innovation globally. Suppliers provides various resources which are designed and tailored as per market need. At the same time our suppliers must meet operational excellence and highest standards in terms of quality, ethics and sustainability.

Working with Suppliers

At Kalyani Studio, everything we do is centered around improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, this is not something we do on our own. That’s why we have built an ecosystem of innovative supply partners with whom we collaborate seamlessly.


Kalyani Studio believes that the nature of the business in which Kalyani Studio engages and the regulatory environment in which we operate both mitigate the risk of human trafficking and slavery within our direct supplier base. In keeping with our commitment to ethics and integrity, Kalyani Studio also maintains supply chain programs, practices and procedures with the goal of ensuring that our suppliers meet our strong ethical standards and comply with applicable laws and regulations, which include those governing human trafficking and slavery

Simplifying the way we work together

To ensure that the interaction with Kalyani Studio is efficient and productive, we provide our suppliers with tools designed to improve collaboration and communication, drive performance, foster innovation and enable faster decision-making.

Our supplier innovation program offers you a simple and convenient way to bring your ideas to the attention of our innovation leaders. Let’s enhance our growth prospects by innovating together!


Objectives of KS Ecosystem


The programme assures quality training and ample knowledge to up your game.
Quality Certified
Trained in KOS
Cross functional Knowledge

Time Cruncher

It provides the correct way of going about any research which in turn helps you shorten the time span spent with optimum results.

Process Openness

This aspect guarantees a clarity in terms of data and report sharing with an assurance of a faster response.
Data sharing
Reports Sharing
Faster Response

Simple and Elegant

Manufactured as per standard, we believe in simplicity which is assured to give a pristine and elegant product.
Manufactured as per Standard
Good Surface Finish

The KS Ecosystem offers benefits to everyone who is a part of us. Be it a member, collaborator or Partner, our system has continuous growth opportunities for all!

1. If you are a member with us, you get benefits of the KOS training program with certification and acquire capabilities in testing projects
2. If you are a Collaborator with us, you get an opportunity to be a continuous part of the innovation projects

3. If you are a Partner with us, you get to be a part of projects and get access to the preferred supplier list along with repeated business opportunities!

Ecosystem Member Benefits

The ecosystem member benefits levitate you to a position where you will be a part of a faster growing industry with continuous benefits. A few of our benefits are as listed below:
1. You get the chance to work with the fastest growing Innovation Company
2. A continuity in the High street business
3. An exposure to OEM and a world class Company
4. One gets familiar with what an innovation studio wants
5. A preferred name on websites post satisfying all criteria