Test Drive Your Ideas

Prototyping and Testing basically entails sampling and testing an idea in the real, physical world. It helps in the better understanding of a product and detection of failure points. It is paramount for customers and investors to understand how the product will address the complex global market opportunity for which it is designed. This phase of Product Development Cycle is crucial because it proves the functionality of the design. Testing validates CAE and FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) results of the product design. Prototyping and Testing ensures that the final product is sans any glitches. Kalyani Studio specializes in industrial design prototyping that is done using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in our ecosystem.

Features, Attributes & Benefits

» Translating your product language into manufacturing language effectively
Our team of engineering experts are driven by imaginative techniques. We believe in starting with a thorough research and understanding of your product and industry. A sound study of the product parameters and industry knowledge helps us to evaluate the best solutions for you.

» Iron out creases in product design
When you test your product in the real environment of its use, it is much easier to identify any anomalies that might act as roadblocks for your innovation. Our prototypes give you the opportunity of ironing out any creases in product design before it hits the market.

» Quicker functionality feedback
Any innovator knows that actual performance feedback is the barometer for any new product. With our Prototype & Testing solutions, you will have access to crucial feedback before your product is tested in the real world.

» Get a grip on functionality
Identify the loopholes easily when you test your prototype. Understand the missing functionality that is needed to make your product user-friendly. Confusing or difficult functions can be identified. Validating functionality is one of the most important parameters in a new product design. Prototyping the product helps to ascertain the different functionalities and usages of the product and it also helps to eliminate the inconsistencies in design.

» Feature validation
Prototypes help not just to validate your product but also to identify the pending requirements that are needed to make the product a functional one. Testing your product assists in recognizing the incomplete parameters . Example; tolerances, surface finish and chamfers and fillets

Types Of Prototypes We Provide

» Full-scale Functional Prototype (Assembly Prototype & Commissioning)

» 3D Printed Prototype (RPT)
3D Printed Prototype is basically a kind of Product Design & Prototyping that is used to assess whether the product works as intended. It’s similar in material and geometry as the production version but is made differently.

» Soft Tooling Prototypes
Soft Tooling Prototype is used to assess reliability and to identify remaining defects in the product. It’s given to customers for testing in the environment where its going to be ultimately used.

Our Process

Free Play Diagnostic Device



Design and Development of A Device for measuring free play of rotating equipment

Our Solution

Hand Held Device Design
Real Time Data display
Replace Human Judgement with accurate numerical values
Results Validated with Physical Testing
Integration of Electronics with Mechanical components for better accuracy


Less Fatigue to operator
Measuring and Monitoring Free play in rotating equipment’s made easy
Multipurpose Device, can be used in wide industry applications