Meet Your Product Profitability Targets

Our ME suite is highly suited for strength-based manufacturing applications. The end goal is to boost the speed of your product development cycle. This is achieved by designing the products in a way that they are easy to manufacture.


Our Services

» Speed up your manufacturing and assembly process with newly designed fixtures and material handling equipment.
» Increase your Critical Product Measurement (CPM) value, thus maintaining the process under control.
» Increase the Up-time of your machine by reducing the failure modes with our DFMEA service.

Welding Fixture for Bogie Frame
Fixture – Paint Shop Fixture

Our ME Principles & Guidelines

» Minimize number of components
» Use standard commercially available components
» Use common parts across product lines
» Design for ease of part fabrication
» Design parts with tolerances that are within process capability
» Design the product to be fool proof during assembly
» Minimize use of flexible components
» Design for ease of assembly
» Use modular design
» Shape parts and products for ease of packaging
» Eliminate or reduce adjustment required


Fixture For Center Stand


To design an assembly line fixture for holding a 2 wheeler by using center stand
To prevent 2 wheeler from tilting during assembly processes on assembly line.
To clamp a 2 wheeler in 20 sec. on a fixture


Restrict two wheeler movements during assembly
Created simulation videos for training of operators
Less Fatigue to Operator

Our Solution

Define the DOF of center Stand & Finalize the DOF to be restricted
Constrain all DOF of center stand.
Use of quick clamping & De-clamping mechanisms to achieve takt time of 20 Sec

Welding Fixture For Bogie Frame


Must not interfere with the welding process
Fixture must not allow the un-welded part to change its orientation in relation to the welder during the welding operations
Ensure that the quality of parts to be joined is maintained (Dimensions, Tolerances, No Warpage)
Fixture must be compatible with straight and curved faces


Cycle time reduction
Ease of welding
Increased productivity and quality

Our Solution

L clamps were used to constrain the X-axis and Y-axis
Locking Plate and bolts were used to constrain the Z-axis
For easy access to welding, the fixture could be rotated in step angles, aligned and locked in any angle as per the welding requirement

Device For Joining Dissimilar Metals


To design a spool gun or solder wire feeder that dispenses flux and solder wire from the same device


Portable Device designed for joining Aluminum with Cold Rolled Cold Annealed (CRCA) metal

Our Solution

Inductive Flux Heating Unit Design
Design of Solder Wire Feeder Mechanism, Wire Heating Unit, Flux Heater and Feeder Mechanism
Separate Heating control for Solder and Flux

Wire Feed Rate Calculations to calculate Motor specifications and Worm Gear feeder mechanism
Calculations for Heat generated at the Tip to avoid metal and Solder from Burning
Electrical circuit design for Induction coils
Temperature Rise Calculations