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Test Drive Your Ideas

Prototyping and Testing takes care of “want to see something” for a better understanding of the product and detection of failure points. Customers and investors will always want to understand how the product will address the complex global market opportunity for which it is designed. This Design Verification phase of Product Development is crucial because it proves the design. Testing verifies FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) of the product. Prototyping and Testing ensures that the final product is sans any glitches.


Features, Attributes & Benefits

» Better understanding of the system that is being developed
» Errors can be detected much earlier
» Quicker user feedback
» Missing functionality can be identified easily
» Confusing or difficult functions can be identified
» Requirements validation and quick implementation of incomplete but functional application is made possible


Types Of Prototypes We Provide

» Alpha Prototype is used to assess whether the product works as intended. Similar in material and geometry as production  version but made differently
» Beta Prototype is used to assess reliability and to identify remaining bugs in the product. Given to customers for testing in the use environment


Our Process



Free Play Diagnostic Device


Design and Development of A Device for measuring free play of rotating equipment

Our Solution

Hand Held Device Design
Real Time Data display
Replace Human Judgement with accurate numerical values
Results Validated with Physical Testing
Integration of Electronics with Mechanical components for better accuracy


Less Fatigue to operator
Measuring and Monitoring Free play in rotating equipment’s made easy
Multipurpose Device, can be used in wide industry applications