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Under the Product Optimization suite, we offer the following services:

Design Packaging of CKD
Design of Assembly Packaging
CAE Certification
FEA Modelling
Topology Optimization
Mathematical Modelling

Our Product Optimization strategies are designed to increase your profitability by validating designs and optimizing solutions. We distil the product performance parameters that matter most in your NPI (New Product Innovation), VAVE (Value Analysis and Value Engineering), ECN (Engineering Change Note) projects and create a problem-solving strategy to improve those parameters in a defined time. Through exhaustive research and concentrating on end usage, we can arrive at innovative outcomes. We work on Factors of High Strength which includes focus on Material, Design and Manufacturing to reach the desired target.



Get return on your investment with low manufacturing cost
Increase Profitability
Leverage industry knowledge to keep pace with competitors
Weight Reduction with topology optimization
Validate designs in CAE environment
Design Solutions in Complete Knock Down and Semi Knock Down
Efficient Packaging Solutions


Assembly Packaging : Improvement In Space Utilization In a Container


To Optimize Space utilized in transporting containers for stacking of Machines & ensure Quality of Goods delivered to the end consumer over long distances
To ensure timely delivery to End Consumers
Ease of Loading and Unloading of Machines


Rs 7.77 Cr: Total Annual Logistics Cost Savings
33% Improvement in Container’s Machine Carrying Capacity
25% Reduction in Transportation Cost
Reduced Inventory of Finished Goods
Compliant with CMVR norms

Gear Casing Weight Optimization


Design is safe or not against static load of 6000 Kgs
Weight optimization in the gear casing by 20%
Redesign Of Casing

Our Solution

Perform Structural Analysis to obtain design information
Identified maximum stress area
Checked feasibility of casting design
Suggested changes in design



Operational life achieved of 10 Lakhs
Reduced weight & material of gear casing

Torque Carrying Capacity Improvement Of Worm Drive


To improve Torque carrying capacity of worm drive from 152 KNm to 350 KNm without changing the mounting hole details


Increased range of product offerings
Design changes which were 10% compact
Improved Design with high torque carrying capacity to 350 KNm
Analytical tool developed for calculating torque carrying capacity of Work Drive