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You Imagine It, We Make It

Stay relevant in the future with our Product Innovation Suite. Look at things from an innovative perspective in your target cost, enabled by our best-in class expertise.


Be First To Market

» Create a new model in the existing product range
» Develop a new product outside the existing range but in a similar field of technology
» Introduce a totally new product in a new field of technology


Edge Out Competitors

» Innovative Concept
» Improved Productivity
» Reduced Cost
» High Profitability
» Improved Performance
» Patentable Solutions


Our Services


Development Of Binderless Bricks



Speed up the constriction rate and build structures quickly.
Easy assembly with Interlocking

Our Solution

Patent filled novel Idea by Kalyani Studio team
Designed Interlocking Bricks with Flexibility in wall building
Wooden Mold for Bricks manufacturing
Use of 3D Printed table top models for design validation


Reduced Construction time
Eliminate need of mortar
Provides Flexibility in construction with Modular design

Integrating Mechanism



Integrating Transplanter and Tractor for Farming Operation


Farmers can buy the integrating mechanism instead of the entire transplanter
Annual NPD Investment cost savings : Rs. 10 Cr.
Product Performance Increase : 20%
Go-To-Market Time savings : 40%

Multi-stage Relay Lift Mechanism


Design of a lifting mechanism with an elevator which can reach high heights without having to change the elevator


This mechanism is mechanically operated instead of hydraulic, making it less bulky and easy for maintenance
Due to continuous operation, this traction system can be used in tall buildings
Can reaching greater height without the change of elevators and offers a smooth elevator ride