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Unlock Your Innovation Futures

Innovate with High Strength to amplify your efficiency and enhance your Product Performance Parameters. Our Deep Innovation Strategy is a result of exhaustive research for holistic understanding of your problems. Partner with the world’s largest supplier of High-Strength IP for the most effective solution. With a team of multi-disciplinary experts capable of working on multi-domain projects, we ensure that the result delivered is value added.


Intellectual Property (IP) Creation

Buy, lease or co-develop patents

Takeover the lead position with our High Strength IP because we assess the future of the technology and innovate well ahead of the market. Our portfolio of Utility and Design Patents are available for buying, leasing or co-developing.


Technology Strategy Consulting

Ride the waves of technology S-Curve

We understand that innovation and collaboration matter the most hence we serve as a bridge between academia (concepts) and industry (application). The technologies and products that we develop are applicable to different industries using multi-disciplinary concepts.


Fundamental And Application Research

Bridge the gap between theory and reality

We aim to bring forth products with enhanced functions of strength which are top notch and revolutionary. This is achieved by our curiosity driven Fundamental Research where we study the building blocks and basic principles of products and processes.


Functions Of Strength