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Meet Your Product Profitability Targets

Our DFM suite is highly suited for strength-based manufacturing applications. The end goal is to boost the speed of your product development cycle. This is achieved by designing the products in a way that they are easy to manufacture.


Our DFM Service Suite

» Speed up your manufacturing and assembly process with newly designed fixtures and material handling equipment.
» Increase your Critical Product Measurement (CPM) value, thus maintaining the process under control.
» Increase the Up-time of your machine by reducing the failure modes with our DFMEA service.


Our DFM Principles & Guidelines

» Minimize number of components
» Use standard commercially available components
» Use common parts across product lines
» Design for ease of part fabrication
» Design parts with tolerances that are within process capability
» Design the product to be fool proof during assembly
» Minimize use of flexible components
» Design for ease of assembly
» Use modular design
» Shape parts and products for ease of packaging
» Eliminate or reduce adjustment required