Unlock Your Innovation Futures

Innovative products also need to be High Strength to amplify your efficiency and enhance your Product Performance Parameters. Our Deep Innovation Strategy is a result of exhaustive research that enables a holistic understanding of your needs. With Kalyani Studio, you partner with the world’s largest supplier of High-Strength IP and Innovation technology for the most effective solutions. With a team of multi-disciplinary experts capable of working on multi-domain projects and delivering ground breaking product design ideas, we ensure that the result delivered is value added.

Intellectual Property (IP) Creation

Buy, lease or co-develop patents

We enable our clients to become market leaders with our High Strength IP because of our in-depth assessment of the future of technology and innovations that are well ahead of the market. Our portfolio of Utility and Design Patents are available for buying, leasing or co-developing. We’re in the business of making innovative technology work hard to enhance utility!

Technology Strategy Consulting

Ride the waves of technology S-Curve

We understand that innovation and collaboration matter! We serve as a bridge between academia (concepts) and industry (application). The technologies and products that we develop are applicable to different industries using multi-disciplinary concepts.

Fundamental And Application Research

Bridge the gap between theory and reality

We aim to bring forth products & design ideas with enhanced functions of strength which are top notch and revolutionary. This is achieved by our curiosity driven Fundamental Research where we study the building blocks and basic principles of products and processes.

Functions Of Strength

I. Transmit : Put power into motion

Through our deep understanding of materials and our innovative perspective on the principles of physics, we develop mechanisms and fundamental technologies that result in a high-strength application concerned with transferring of motion, power and torque from one source component to demand component.

A) Rotary Control Mechanism

Achieve exceptional results through enhanced control

Through the hybridisation of technology, we have achieved rotational speed control mechanism in a compact and highly durable form. It finds applications across industries like robotics, extreme adventure sports, rescue operations etc.

B) Free Play Monitoring Technology

Sustain and excel performance by reducing instabilities

Free Play Monitoring and Measurement Technology is an intellectual property of Kalyani Studio that finds applications across a variety of industries. It gives utility to transmission shafts, bike and car accelerators and aircraft control surfaces. It readjusts a machine’s torque vis-à-vis parameters like position, angular displacement and time, thereby enhancing its functionality and user experience. It’s adjustable holding jaw holds it to different shaft sizes. It’s easy to use and can be installed by a single person to be used with several types of load applicators. It is designed to sustain in long periods of usage and accurately reduces flutter, vibrations, fatigue, divergence and other instabilities.


II. Lift : Shift your product performance to the next level

Our High Strength Innovation is tremendously functional in any mechanism or fundamental technology which results in an application concerned with lifting of any article from a given level to another level.


A) Push Lift Dummy Bogie

Increase efficiency with improved productivity

The Push Lift Dummy Bogie is a combination of Hydraulic Ram and Slew Rings that are made by innovating the lift and connect functions of strength respectively. The hydraulic push lift mechanism makes it easy for material handling on the shop floor. The embedded motor makes maneuvering of loaded carriers easy. It provides improved productivity and logistics. It is ergonomic, easy to use and tailored to specific needs. It finds applications in coach manufacturing plants, large manufacturing plants and in bulk material handling.