R&D & Design Leaders’ Summit 2018


R&D & Design Leaders’ Summit 2018



Research and Development has been proven to be paramount in today’s industries where the key is to constantly innovate and bring the future to the fore. We at Kalyani Studio believe that R&D has always been one of our key strengths with our company investing heavily in creating new technologies and solutions.

We therefore felt privileged to be a part of the R&D & Design Leaders’ Summit 2018 held at the Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport on the 26th and 27th of November 2018. The key goal of the summit was to talk about strengthening R&D in India through innovation and technology to foster sustainable and inclusive growth.

Kalyani Studio as a company has put great impetus in putting India on the world map through our High Strength products and solutions under the able guidance of our founder and chairman, Mr. Viraj Kalyani.



At the summit we were keen to showcase our company’s key strengths through our stall which showcased our products MagicMeasure and Dummy Bogie for the fraternity attending to get a better understanding. We were overwhelmed with the response and feedback received on our products on display and were confident of widening our customer base through the same.

Kalyani Studio’s Head of Solutions Business, Mr. Deepak Kulkarni also gave a talk on High Strength as a New Niche in Engineering, Research and Development (ER&D) Industry which was well received by the audience present.


He highlighted the building blocks of High Strength – Design Thinking, Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and informed the audience on the application and uses of Free Play Measuring Device, a key IP of Kalyani Studio. An important take away was the various industries in which the interdisciplinary science of High Strength could be applied including Automotive, Industrial, Consumer Durables, Railways and Aerospace.

Mr. Kulkarni also explained to the audience present the IP Business Model that Kalyani Studio follows detailing the nuances of the Patent Sale, Licensing and Product Sale.

The event was also an information building exercise for our team at Kalyani Studio who were able to interact and be a part of various panel discussions on the latest trends in R&D. We at Kalyani Studio found great merit in being a part of the R&D & Design Leaders’ Summit 2018 and we look forward to the next edition in the coming year where we endeavour to have many more new and innovative High Strength products and solutions on hand.


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