Our products are designed to make life easier and more efficient. Kalyani Studio has the innovative edge that is required to create ingenious technologies that not only provide you with a competitive advantage, but also give you products that work harder for you! Through the high strength science, brainstorming and use of sophisticated technology, we have given shape to reality and made products that are smart and more effective too!

Free Play Monitoring Technology

Sustain and excel performance by reducing instabilities


Free Play Monitoring and Measurement Technology is an intellectual property of Kalyani Studio that finds applications across a variety of industries. It gives utility to transmission shafts, bike and car accelerators and aircraft control surfaces. It readjusts a machine’s torque vis-à-vis parameters like position, angular displacement and time, thereby enhancing its functionality and user experience. It’s adjustable holding jaw holds it to different shaft sizes. It’s easy to use and can be installed by a single person to be used with several types of load applicators. It is designed to sustain in long periods of usage and accurately reduces flutter, vibrations, fatigue, divergence and other instabilities.

MagicMeasure is our first product line developed with Free Play Measurement Technology. This is a user-friendly hand-held device that helps users numerically measure the amount of free-play which they previously could not and had to rely on human judgement.