Unlock Your Innovation Futures

We at Kalyani Studio, believe High Strength is fundamental for Product Performance Parameters to be at an optimum level and our Deep Innovation Strategy enables us to identify and develop technologies that can be directly embedded into your products to enhance their performance. We invest in exhaustive research for holistic understanding of your problems. With a team of multi-disciplinary experts capable of working on multi-domain projects, we ensure that the result delivered is value added. We also bring the knowledge out of industry-based silos to application-based platforms. By focussing on the end user, we are able to arrive at an outcome which is innovative, neat, elegant and compact.


Technology Licensing Business Model

Kalyani Studio develops technology that is licensed to High Strength Partners. Kalyani Studio receives an upfront license fee as a royalty on every High Strength Product that contains its technology

Upfront License Fee – Flexible licensing models
Ongoing Royalties – Typically based on percentage of technology price

Functions Of Strength

Any action or activity or purpose that intends to improve the performance of a mechanical system by virtue of strength

Transmit : Put power into motion

Mechanisms and technologies that help you catalyse performance to a new level in the fields of motion, power and torque transmission.

When it comes to improving power, motion and torque ratings Transmit has got it all covered.


» Power Transmission Technologies

Now increase the horsepower ratings of your products with the help of our efficient power performance technologies.


» Torque Transmission Technologies

» Motion Transmission Technologies

Our Motion Transmission Technologies give you more than just RPMs. Along with the improvement in the performance, we are into diagnostics for reliable quality checks in Industries.


Load Bearing – Bear More. With Less

Our High-strength Structures will help you increase your Products load-bearing capacity while increasing its life cycle


» Absorb

Shock Isolation Technology: Complete Protection for all your shock protection needs

The shock isolation system utilizes a combination of unique structures to effectively absorb impact forces acting upon it. The different structures are strategically placed so as to develop High-Static-Low-Dynamic-Stiffness (HSLDS) property. This property enables the device to mitigate various loading types under one system through assemblies of Structural Logic Units, or SLUs. The device is used to isolate a protected body from high impact speed loads as well as provide recoverable deformation at low impact speeds. The device can be used in multiple transportation applications such as in car frontal systems, boat hulls, train pilots etc.

» Support

Binderless Interlocking Bricks – A Paradigm Shift in Building Technologies

Inspired from a childhood game Lego, Binderless Bricks is Kalyani Studio’s Patented technology of self-aligning and interlocking bricks that are designed to be easily joined together and can be used to make floorings, ceilings and walls. Made of High-Strength Concrete, the innovative brick design allows for faster, cheaper, more precise and energy efficient construction of buildings as compared to traditional technique. Especially suitable for rapid deployment of emergency structures as different structures can be rapidly assembled and disassembled.


Lift: Uplifting Solutions for Enhanced Performance


Our High-strength Structures will help you increase your Products load-bearing capacity while increasing its life cycle

» Push-Lift Technology

Dummy Bogie with Push-Lift Technology

» Pull-Lift Technology

Fuel your logistics chain with this innovative solution for Last Mile Logistics.

» Relay-Lifting Technology

Overcome the limitations of your lifting systems and achieve up to 2X the Lift height with your existing driving systems with our Relay Lifting Technology.

» Trowel Lifting Technology

Improve your payload handling performance and cycle time within confined placed with our trowel lifting technology.

Connect: Innovative Solutions for Complex Connections

Through our deep understanding of materials and our innovative perspective on the principles of physics, we develop mechanisms and fundamental technologies that result in a high-strength application concerned with transferring of motion, power and torque from one source component to demand component.


Through the hybridisation of technology, we have achieved rotational speed control mechanism in a compact and highly durable form. It finds applications across industries like robotics, extreme adventure sports, rescue operations etc.

» Fix

Universal Fixture: Maximise your productivity and flexibility of handling variety of components on one Bit Matrix Bed Fixture with our Universal Fixture Technology

» Join

Dissimilar Metal Joining Technology: Join the Dissimilar Metals with high metallurgical difference using our Dissimilar Metal Joining Technology