Chain Setter

Chain Setter is a mechatronic device which helps to measure and set the chain slackness of 2 Wheeler without chain cover. Linear measurement using IR sensor technology have been used in this device to measure the slackness in mm.

Use Case

Operator Setting the Chain Slackness in Desired Range

Line Manager Verifying Operator


• Ensure better transmission from engine to rear wheel
• Reduced chain and sprocket wear
• Increased accuracy and reliability of chain sprocket assembly
• Eliminate errors due to human judgement
• Reduction in rejection rate
• Productivity improvement – reduced takt time
• Improved cPk of assembly parameters

Cycle Time : 14 Seconds
Accuracy : ± 1 mm
Range : 0 to 70 mm

Ensure better transmission
from engine to rear wheel by
setting the chain slackness right

HMI Display
Led Indication
folding mechanism
wi-fi connector
jack 2.0
On/Off Button
Reset Button

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