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Enabling Your Global Growth

Kalyani Studio partners with R&D and Innovation Engineers at OEMs, Tier-1 companies or start-ups, who are developing new products or enhancing their existing ones to grow market share or establish themselves as product category leaders.

Our five Service Suites use a proprietary High-Strength focused approach to Product Engineering and Design that make better performing products and technologies. Thus, we help our clients gain a first-mover advantage on future technologies.

Kalyani Studio is the pioneer of High Strength, a new science, based on the principle that products designed and engineered with high-strength expertise are more robust and reliable. We create more value for our clients with engineering magic that resides inside high-tech physical products.

We work with our clients on high-tech projects across industries like Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Agricultural Technology, Railway, Construction Equipment and Aerospace from concept to launch.


Strategic Direction, Innovation And Global Impact

The business model involves offering services among four suites – Product Innovation, Product Optimization, Design for Manufacturing, and Testing & Prototyping. The strategy is of a Niche-Differentiator wherein the company provides High-End Engineering & Design services for High-Strength products and applications above 1 MPa. The science of Strength is unexplored territory which Kalyani Studio is building through its in-house R&D activities.

It’s difficult to find a competitor anywhere in the world that has a similar strategy based on a focused capability. Kalyani Studio has a vision to disrupt the industry so that other players also start building similar niches and verticals which will add more value to customers resulting in overall better, faster and cheaper innovation.

The long-term vision also includes creating in-house branded high-strength components which can be standardized across multiple industries. The impact of such products would help in accelerating future industries like outer-space exploration, geo-engineering, robotics and sustainability all the while being grounded on the twin purposes of creating high-technology jobs of the future and high-end technology in India. This vision is a global one, and the company will take High Strength science to multiple geographies starting with Europe and North America.

Our Founder

Viraj is an entrepreneur and business leader who is bringing High Strength Engineering and Design to the world, through his company, Kalyani Studio. His purpose is to create high-tech jobs in India through his venture and catalyse clients to design high performance products and push the boundaries of high performance.

Viraj has had Engineering, Design Thinking and Manufacturing in his blood and is wants to bring new vigour to the Engineering, Research & Development (ER&D) industry. Viraj follows his philosophy of creating new opportunities through disruption. While many jobs are being replaced by automation and AI, he is building the human jobs of the future. He has rich experience in business transformation through major initiatives on organisation architecture and system enhancement, culture engineering, strategic decision-making and customer orientation. Recently he has also mastered the art of building a company from scratch and scaling it in a sustainable fashion.

He is a turnaround specialist and a champion of change management, leadership development and lean philosophy. While leading a 1000-person organization from the age of 22, Kalyani Forge, over a brief time span, he brought steady growth in cash flows, the true success milestone of lean journey, enhanced facilities and new business orders worth 70 cr or 30% of existing revenues in the company.

Viraj graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and completed the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology, a rigorous and selective dual-degree program, with a Bachelor of Science in Economics (Finance) at the Wharton School and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Mechanical) at the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Viraj is a firm believer in the potential of India and ties his ambitions to the growth of the country. He served on the Executive Committee of Young Indians, Pune, for three years. He was Chairman of Yi Pune in 2015-16, being the youngest Chairman in the country, and collaborated with CII on youth leadership projects, where young entrepreneurs come together to discuss and build the new business ecosystems. He also delivers talks in various educational forums & is closely associated with young talent.

Viraj promotes interdisciplinary learning and takes interest in various areas like economics, arts, philosophy, politics and applies them to business. He is an avid reader & is inspired by work.